Window Coverings - When Your Household Might Be Outside Of The Realm Of 'Normal Wear And Tear'

If you have a large or boisterous family, your number one quality in home products is most likely durability. Your teenagers, dogs and cats can't always follow the rules to keep their house damage under control. Combating your wild ones with sturdy products is a must, and this shouldn't be overlooked with your window coverings. Understanding the pitfalls that might come with certain choices can help you realize what will work best with your family's needs.


Blinds are an inexpensive way to manage lighting in your home. The downside is that blinds can be fragile and might not hold up to the durability needs of your home. Bending easily, youngsters and dogs can flex blinds by roughly opening and peeking through the slats. Cats might go so far as climbing blinds and breaking them. Cords can be yanked too quickly and break, causing your blinds to stay permanently open or closed. If you can invest in custom blinds that open and close without a cord or vertical blinds, both will withstand most damage.


Curtains are easy to hang and are versatile when matching to your home decor. The downside of fabric coverings can be the risks of staining and tearing. Curtains can get caught up in any sort of rough-and-tumble that comes through, and anything spilled will lead to the need for a wash or replacement. If you love the look to curtains, you can just replace often with the understanding that nothing is permanent.


Shutters are by far the most durable option for a family that plays hard. Custom shutters do their job as window coverings, but are sturdy enough that kids and pets cannot cause extensive damage. Whether open or closed, shutters stay out of the way and can withstand a little more force than other window coverings. Opting for vinyl shutters over wood will make these easier to clean and less susceptible to breakage.

If you have a family that is always getting into trouble, you might not be able to solve all of your damage problems. Rather than lose your head and hard-earned cash over this dilemma, it is important to make the most informed choices when it comes with window covering. Make sure that your home is full of sturdy, reliable products that can stand the test of time, and then some. Aligning your likes along with functionality can help you make the best window covering choice for your ever-exciting home.