8 Apartment Hunting Tips

The search for the right apartment can take you down many avenues. Between the time that is needed to find an apartment and trying to find one that fits your budget and tastes, you can easily get stressed out. Fortunately, the stress is avoidable. Here are eight tips for finding the right apartment.

  1. Create a list of features. Before you take one step in your apartment search, write down the list of features you want. For instance, record details such as parking space, number of bedrooms, laundry room, and fitness center. 
  2. Be honest about your budget. One mistake that is made by some is not knowing exactly what they can afford monthly. Decide what is the maximum you can reasonably afford before searching. Use this to limit your search to only affordable units. 
  3. Write down possible apartments. Most apartment complexes have listings online which also includes photos of the units. Use that to your advantage to create a list of apartments in which you are interested. 
  4. Create a schedule. To prevent stress, try not to cram all of the viewings of apartments into a few days. Set up a schedule that allows you to spread it over a week or two. This gives you time each night to think over the apartments that you saw during the day.
  5. Use the current tenants. Since you will have to live with your choice, it is important that you make a good one. Knock on a couple of doors at the complex and ask current residents about the units. 
  6. Ask to see the actual apartment. Most complexes have model apartments that are shown to prospective tenants. Before you sign a lease, ask to see the apartment that you would occupy. You want to be sure you do not end up with a unit that is far different from the model.
  7. Contact an apartment locator. An apartment locator knows the market. He or she can help narrow your focus to only apartments that fit your budget. A locator can also help save time and effort on your part. 
  8. Make a good impression. It is important that you get off to a good start with the apartment manager. After all, you could end up renting a unit and end up needing the manager. No matter what your personal thoughts are on a unit, be polite and avoid negative talk while viewing.

Apartment hunting is a tiring experience, but once you find the right one, the search will seem well worth it.