Kitchen Makeover: French Country Style

Given France's reputation for serving up world-class cuisine, it's not surprising that French Country is a popular choice when it comes to kitchen design. Charming and versatile, French country is always in style.

In order to achieve an authentic French-country look in your kitchen, you should plan to include several elements into your design before you begin your kitchen remodeling project.

 Flooring and walls

Using natural elements is important in French-country design. Aged wood or stone is a good choice for flooring. For practical beauty and color, terra-cotta floor tiles evoke the warmth of Provence.

Plastered walls are common in French homes, but hand-painted wall tiles and murals are a good choice if you want to celebrate French artistry.

Cabinets and storage

A combination of solid-door and glass-door cabinets should be used. Open-shelf cabinets are appealing and are useful for storage or decorating purposes. Select cabinets in distressed wood or with an antique-white wood finish. Scratches in the wood or imperfections in the cabinetry add country appeal.

The French are known for using storage space wisely. It's not uncommon to see dishes and tableware stored on open shelving. Cookware and baking utensils are used for practical purposes as well as decorating purposes in many French-country kitchens.

An armoire is useful if you need additional storage space, and it also creates the traditional look of free-standing furniture that is popular in French homes.


Choose traditional Provencal prints in cheery shades of yellow, brick red, or blue to add a pop of color to your kitchen. You want to implement as many of the natural colors of the French countryside as possible into your kitchen. This can be accomplished easily by using a combination of bold prints, bright colors, and neutral hues for curtains, table linens, and chair cushions.

Finishing touches

Make sure to choose plenty of French-country accent pieces for your kitchen. Roosters and other farm figurines are good choices. A bright vase of sunflowers and a bouquet of lavender will evoke images of a stroll through the French countryside.

The French are famous for their fine cooking utensils, especially those made of copper. A wrought iron or brass pot rack is a necessity. Nothing says "French-country" better than a pot rack filled with copper cookware taking center stage in your kitchen. A nice wine rack is equally important since the French are also known for their fine wines.

Whether you are undertaking a complete kitchen remodeling project or just making a few simple changes, going French country is both practical and fun. You will have a kitchen equipped to handle all of your cooking and entertaining needs. Practical, yet charming, what's not to love about French country style? Talk to places like Quality Stone Countertops for more information.