Learn Three Ways To Easily Upcycle Your Old Gutters

When you have the gutters on your home replaced, do not make the mistake of simply tossing your old gutters in the trash. You can use the gutters to make a lot of really neat things to use around the yard of your home. The following guide walks you through three upcycles you can do to make the most of your old gutters.

Start a Potato Garden

If you are someone who wants to have a garden in your yard, but simply does not have the space for it, consider using one of the gutters to create a garden. Fill the gutter with dirt, add some nutrient rich topsoil you can buy at just about any home improvement store, and add seed potatoes to the gutter. Water the potatoes regularly and within a few weeks, you should have potatoes grown in your gutter. You can then just sift through the dirt with your hand to find the potatoes. This saves you a lot of time from actually having to dig potatoes out of the ground.

Create a Flowerbed

Place the gutters around the edge of your deck and attach them with screws or brackets to keep them in place. Add a bit of soil to the gutters and then fill them with beautiful flowers. Be sure to choose flowers that do not have a deep root system, such as pansies to grow in the gutters. Heartier flowers, such as roses, will not grow well in the gutters.

Create a Cooler Table

Find a wooden picnic table and remove the center slat from the table. Place the gutter inside of the slat and use brackets to secure it so that it does not fall through the table. Fill the gutter with ice, add a few drinks to the gutter, and enjoy a get together with friends. It takes a very short period of time to make and allows you to provide drinks to many people at one time without actually having to keep them in the fridge or in a tiny cooler.

All of these upcycling ideas are easy to do on your own. You do not have to worry about spending a fortune to do them either. Most of the jobs are easy enough that you can do them with items you already have in the house, more than likely. This allows you to make the most of what you have and really find unique uses for your old gutters. Contact Rainbow Gutter Co for more information.