3 Common Complaints Made About Furnaces

You expect your furnace to provide you with warm air during the cool fall and winter months. When it stops working, you start panicking about what needs to be done to get it back in working order as quickly as possible. Furnaces aren't something you should try and mess with on your own. They have a lot of internal parts that need to be taken care of by a heating repair professional. Here are a few common complaints by furnace owners and what can be done to fix the issue.

The furnace isn't producing heat.

Since the main thing a furnace is supposed to do is generate heat, it can be quite troublesome when it isn't doing so. One of the most common reasons why your furnace isn't kicking out the heat is because you don't have the thermostat set right. Try upping the temp by five degrees higher than what the temperature in the room is and make sure the thermostat is in the heat position. Another common issue is that the circuit breaker has been tripped and needs to be flipped back to the on position for your furnace to kick on again. If it isn't tripped, you might want to have the fuse replaced.

The furnace is only pushing out a small amount of heat.

When there is too much dust, debris and hair in the air filter, it will prevent the heat from being able to move freely through your furnace. If the air can't move, it will cause your furnace to struggle to deliver the right amount of heat to your house. You should change the filter in your system every month or so, depending on the amount of usage your system is getting.

The energy bill is higher than normal during the winter months.

Even though your furnace might be working, that doesn't mean it is working like it should. Furnaces that are properly tuned are going to use far less energy than those in need of repairs. Your best bet is to have someone come in once a year and do a full inspection of your system. The money you spend for a tune-up is nothing in comparison to what you can save on your energy bill.

By spending some time going through your system, you can save money and reduce the amount of repairs your system is going to need over the course of time.