Ways To Make Your Yard Appear Larger

If you have a small yard, you may want to make it appear larger to guests when they come to visit. Smaller yards can be easily transformed to look bigger with a few tricks you do with the landscaping choices you use. Here are a few methods to try in your own yard, making it feel bigger as a result.

Draw Eyes Toward The Perimeter

To make your yard feel bigger, place eye-catching features along the perimeter of your property. This will draw attention to areas away from the center of your yard, making the overall look seem bigger. Place a bench along each edge of your yard, facing the center. Place some floral arrangements on each side of each bench to give each sitting area some color. These sitting areas will give you a relaxing area to rest, while viewing the opposite side of your yard. 

Break Up The Land Using Height

Placing a retaining wall on your property will help make the land appear to be more than it is in actuality by having your eyes look at different levels of land. Flat land will look smaller without features to gaze upon. If you add height to areas of your land, it tricks the eyes into thinking the area is bigger. Consider placing a few walls at different heights along the perimeter of your property to make it feel a bit bigger. Use flowers along the walls to make it decorative as well.

Use Light To Your Advantage

Shaded areas have a way of looking smaller as the land within is obscured from view. If you have shady spots in your yard, cutting back tree branches or clipping overgrown hedges or bushes can make a difference in the amount of sunlight you have directed to your property. This light will make the area feel larger overall. At nighttime, you can illuminate the area using floodlights or solar lights to brighten pathways.

Add A Pleasing Distraction

Placing a small fountain, bird bath, or statue on your property can make the area feel bigger overall, as it will draw attention away from other areas of the yard. Placing a focal point in the middle portion of your yard, and using several pathways made of stone or gravel leading to this area, can give your yard the appearance of extra space. Clear out the areas away from the focal point so your eyes are drawn to the distraction. Having clearings with just grass and no extra foliage will give the impression of a lot of land around the structure. Click here for more information on landscape design.