Decorating With Mirrors? Keep These Do's And Don'ts In Mind

Decorating with mirrors can make your room feel more spacious and open -- if you do it in the right way. Adhere to these do's and don'ts when decorating with mirrors so that your room ends up looking tasteful, rather than gaudy.

Do: Pay close attention to what will be reflected in the mirror before hanging it.

Just because there's an empty space on the wall does not mean that is a good place for a mirror. Before you hang your mirror, hold it up temporarily and make sure the reflection it displays is attractive. If all you see in the mirror is a corner of a dresser or a blank wall across the room, then the mirror won't add much to your decor and you can probably find a better place for it.

Do: Choose an appropriately sized mirror for the space.

Have you ever walked into a small room with a large mirror on the wall? While the reflection of the entire room may look entertaining for a moment, the size of the mirror gets overwhelming. Choose larger mirrors for large rooms, and smaller mirrors for small rooms. Full-wall mirrors are best suited for open floor plans and for wide-open rooms like formal dining and living rooms.

Don't: Place a mirror across from your bed.

Mirrors have their place in the bedroom and can come in handy while you're preparing for the day. However, across from the bed is not the place for one as you'll see your reflection constantly while you're in bed and likely find this distracting. A better place for a mirror is above the headboard or off to the side of the bed. If you want to mount a full-length mirror in your bedroom, consider putting it on the back of the door as it then adds style to an otherwise blank space.

Don't: Put a mirror where it might frequently get wet.

Mirrors can add interest to a kitchen, but pay careful attention to where you place them. If a mirror is too close to the counter (such as in your backslash area), it may frequently get splashed with food and water, causing it to look sloppy. A better place for a mirror in the kitchen might be to the side of your refrigerator or next to a table.

By following the tips above, you can create a lovely look with mirrors in your home. Use your creativity -- there are so many ways to create gorgeous illusions and reflections when decorating with mirrors. For more information and ideas, contact a professional like those at Glasshopper Schor Glass.