Unique Countertop Options You've Got To Try

If you're thinking of upgrading your countertops but want a truly unique appeal that you will love, then think outside the box. Here are some great options for countertops that you can use in your kitchen, bathroom, or even your laundry room to give your space true personality.


Wood with a unique grain, such as red oak, can create a beautiful countertop that gives your home a rustic and classic appeal. Aged barn wood or reclaimed wood also has a unique, silvered effect that can look beautiful in any rustic-style home. With the right finish, you can turn wood into an excellent countertop surface that is resistant to water damage, stains, and scratches. To create a streamlined wooden countertop, you will want to use a single piece of lumber that is cut to fit the space you need. For simpler projects, you can simply use wood flooring pieces connected together to create a finished wooden countertop you will love.


Old pieces of glass, ceramic plates, and mosaic pieces (you can buy pre-cut mosaic pieces at your local craft store) placed together in a pattern can create colorful and whimsical countertops you will love in your bathroom or kitchen. This type of countertop is perfect for homes that already have a mosaic motif in a backsplash, or for plain rooms that could use a hint of cheeky color.


Coins can be placed on an existing countertop surface in even rows and then varnished to give them added sheen and to create a smooth surface. Coins make beautiful countertop accents for bars or islands that you want to add a sense of charm to. Consider using one type of coin to create a border around the edges of your countertops, then choosing a different coin to fill in the center.

Clear glass

Clear glass in a thick cut can make an excellent countertop. You can add to the allure of a glass countertop by placing glass over a textured or colored surface so the pattern underneath is magnified through the clear glass. This type of countertop is great for bathrooms due to its clean and simple design. You can also use glass countertops in your laundry room or around your kitchen sink.

There are many ways you can make your countertops unique, from using coins to add dimension to using clear glass to make your countertops streamlined and modern. With countertops that express your home's personality, you can love your space even more, knowing you have a unique design all your own.

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