How To Hang Venetian Blinds Yourself

If you want to enhance your windows and control the amount of light, consider installing Venetian blinds, which act as an insulator keeping heat or cold out and which lower your electric bills. In addition to controlling light and saving on electric bills, you add curb appeal in case you ever want to sell your home. If you don't want to go the DIY route, talk with a professional like, House Of Drapery.

If you want to buy the blinds but install them yourself, follow these steps. 

Prepare to Work 

To install Venetian blinds, you need:

  • safety glasses
  • ladder
  • tape measure
  • carpenter's level
  • pencil
  • hammer
  • cordless drill and drill bits
  • Venetian blinds and hardware

Choose an inside mount or outside mount. If the window frame is narrow, or there is an alarm sensor or crank handle in the interior window frame, consider an outside mount. An inside mount gives a neater appearance, since the blinds can be inserted as far into the frame as you like.

Measure for Blinds

Measure for width for an inside mouth at the top, middle, and bottom; then round to the closest 1/8 inch, and note the narrowest measurement. Measure height at both sides of the window and the middle; then round to the closest 1/8 inch, and write down the tallest figure. Use these measurement when you order blinds.

For an outside mount, measure width between the widest points to the nearest 1/8 inch, and measure height between highest and lowest points and round to 1/8 inch. Add an extra two to four inches at the sides for blocking more light and to ensure privacy; plus, include at least an additional 2 and ½ inches for mounting brackets.

Install the Blinds

Set the ladder adjacent to the window. Place a bracket on the top inside right corner with the bracket opening pointing to you, make a pencil mark inside the screw hole, then repeat on the other side. Drill holes for the screws into the pencil marks, then hammer the anchor in place. If your windows are very tall or double-paned, you will need to mark and drill holes for the center bracket.

Align the bracket hole with the anchor, insert screws by hand, then use the drill and screw driver bit to tighten them. Hold the other bracket in place; and, measure across with a carpenter's level to ensure it is even with the opposite side. You may need an assistant to hand you the blinds.

Release the Venetian blind cord until the slats are tight against each other, and sit on the support bar. Slide the support bar in place in the bracket openings, then close the hinges to secure the bar. 

Hanging Venetian blinds should be a simple DIY project. If you haven't chosen your blinds or need assistance installing blinds, visit a home and garden center.