Three Reasons Why Homeowners Should Build A Stone Wall

In the past, you could journey to just about any suburban neighborhood and be greeted by rows upon rows of tall, white picket fences. More recently however, you'll find that this once-ubiquitous symbol of middle America has faded into obscurity, and the ones that still stand are often in horrible disrepair. What happened? Did these tacky, whitewashed Tom Sawyer fences fall out of style? Or did people simply grow tired of maintaining them?

Every year, countless American homeowners find themselves squabbling with their neighbors over the nebulous, invisible property line that divides their respective yards. While people of a simpler time would have simply erected a fence, many modern homeowners are dismissing them as flimsy, unattractive, and let's face it- expensive. Others still are finding that a tasteful, durable, affordable stone wall is just what they need to draw a proverbial line in the sand. Here's why:

Stone Walls Are Durable

Unlike wooden fences that require constant upkeep, stone walls are built to stand the test of time. After building the wall, you'll never have to make a single repair. While elements such as rain, sun, and moss would slowly destroy a wooden fence, they bestow stone walls with an enticing, natural, weather-beaten quality that only serves to increase their aesthetic appeal.

Stone Walls Are Attractive

In an age where just about everyone is looking to be seen as hip, modern, and avant-garde, no one wants to be viewed as an old fuddy-duddy. Unfortunately for wooden fence owners however, the presence of a tall white eyesore on your property conjures up images of a shut-in geriatric who sequesters him or herself from the rest of the world. Don't become that crotchety old kook leering at youngsters from behind the cover of a wooden fence; expand your horizons with a stone wall of modest height that defines the property line but still allows for friendly chitchat with neighbors.

And what's more, the natural appearance of a stone wall allows it to fade seamlessly into practically any environment. This means that whatever your need may be, there's a stone wall out there with your name on it.

Stone Walls Are Affordable

Compared to other materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic, stone is much less expensive. This allows frugal homeowners to build a durable, attractive wall without cutting into the holiday bonus. The low cost of a stone wall is even amplified, once you consider that it will never have to be replaced, unlike wooden fences that will buckle under even the slightest bit of environmental stress.

To reap the many benefits of owning a stone wall, talk to a reputable stone supply merchant in your area, and see how they can help you build your wall today.