Caring For Metal Yard Art Sculptures So They Retain Their Original Appearance

If you had just purchased a piece of metal yard art to place on your property, you will most likely enjoy its prominent appearance in beautifying your yard. Those who find metal art pieces to be pleasing to the eye will want to take the steps in protecting them so they continue to look as they did when purchased. Here are some steps you can take to ensure the artwork you had selected does not deteriorate from lack of care.

Properly Caring For Iron And Steel Artwork

If your yard art is made from iron or steel, it will be prone to rusting from precipitation and humidity. It will be important to spray each piece with a rust-inhibiting protectant often to help alleviate rusting concerns. If you notice rust upon one of your structures, use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper to gently rub away the rust from the surface. Afterward respray with the protectant spray. If possible, position your yard art in a location away from moisture, such as directly under an eave where a gutter system will help keep moisture from dripping upon the piece. 

Enjoying Silver, Brass, Copper, And Gold Pieces

Many metals tend to tarnish due to oxidation. This is a natural occurrence that will make your artwork appear older as a result. Many enjoy this look, allowing you to leave the pieces in your yard without worry about precipitation. If you would rather your piece is shiny without a patina or oxidized layer, it will need to be polished regularly with an anti-tarnishing agent. If your artwork has moving pieces, they should be oiled along any seams to keep them in good working order. Brass pieces are a bit less hardy than other metals as they are prone to pitting. If you have a brass piece of artwork, keep it in an area where precipitation cannot hit the metal, as it causes dented portions.

Taking Care Of Aluminum Art Pieces

Aluminum is rather durable, but tends to acquire a white crust upon its surface when situated in an area in near the coast. For this reason purchasing artwork made from marine grade aluminum is a better choice. If you live near sea water and notice white portions on your artwork, a rinse with fresh water may eliminate it temporarily. It is a good idea to wipe down your aluminum artwork often to help keep this crust from building up. If you live away from salt water, your piece should retain its natural appearance with routine cleaning and polishing to remove debris.

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