Installing A Lawn Sprinkler System? Why The Automated Type Is The Best Option

Do you want your lawn grass to be greener and healthier throughout the year? If yes, you need to invest in a more efficient watering system. Actually, how you water your lawn determines how healthy and beautiful it will be. In this case, you need to install an automated lawn sprinkler system because it's more efficient, affordable, and reliable, more so if you live in an area that doesn't receive adequate rainfall. You only need to ensure you choose the right sprinkler system and hire an expert to install it for you. See why installing an automated sprinkler system is a brilliant idea.

No More Manual Labor

Manual watering is quite exhausting and time-consuming. It's also associated with other disadvantages like uneven watering and also water wastage. Fortunately, the lawn will not be over or under-watered after installing an automated sprinkler system. An overwatered lawn is usually soggy, and it may bring other problems like undesirable growth and wilted grass. On the other hand, the grass will grow slowly and even wilt when you underwater it, and the soil will often remain dry. However, installing a lawn sprinkler system helps you avoid these problems and maintain a beautiful lawn.

You Bring Irrigation Costs Down

Most of the automated sprinklers are usually calibrated to ensure proper watering and avoid water wastage. When you install one on your lawn, you reduce irrigation costs. You can, therefore, irrigate the lawn frequently without incurring hiked water bills. Moreover, an automated sprinkler doesn't need to be adjusted from time to time, which helps avoid inconveniences. The sprinkler just needs to be set to water the lawn daily during the hot season and perhaps once during the cold months. By so doing, you significantly reduce lawn watering costs.

You Keep Soil Structure Intact and Preserve Nutrients

A lot of water will definitely end up in the soil when watering the lawn using a hose. Also, more nutrients are leached out with the water. If this is not controlled, there will be fewer nutrients in the lawn, and its lifecycle will be greatly affected. In fact, the soil becomes too compacted when the lawn is excessively watered, reducing the amount of air the roots receive. The grass will then develop root diseases and eventually wither. But a lawn sprinkler system can help you combat this problem because it releases tiny droplets that prevent soil compaction and ensure the nutrients aren't eroded.

If you intend to invest in a lawn sprinkler system, consider the automated type. Then hire a skilled individual for the installation process.