Essentials Before A Commercial Seamless Gutter Installation

Every commercial building needs to put some structural safeguards in place to help the property remain intact over time. Whenever it rains, water can pool on the roof or saturate the siding and foundation, causing severe damage to the building. A reliable solution for this problem is the installation of seamless gutters. These gutters have minimal seams, only connected at certain points such as the roof's downspouts and corners. This unique design allows the rainwater to drain adequately from the building as needed, keeping the gutters strong without the weak spots that may develop around seams. Before a commercial seamless gutter installation can happen, however, the following steps must be taken first to ensure the most successful outcome.

1. Evaluation  

One of the most important things to be handled prior to a seamless gutter installation is an inspection of the existing roof and its relevant parts. The building's roof and fascia must be evaluated and repaired so that the new seamless gutters can be installed on a stable surface. If new seamless gutters are added to an unstable roof, they won't be able to do their job sufficiently. As such, a commercial gutter service will need to check over the structure and identify any significant problems. The service will look for evidence that the fascia or soffits have begun to rot or wear down and address mold growth or water damage. In places where the roof is destroyed, all necessary repairs must be completed so that the seamless gutters can be installed safely and properly.

2. Measurements

A major benefit of using seamless gutters is that they are built by professionals and completely customized for the particular building. The seamless gutters must be built according to the precise specifications of the commercial building's measurements. The roofing on commercial properties can come in a wide variety of dimensions, so seamless gutters are ideal for these kinds of structures. To make the gutter system, the installation service visits the site and determines the accurate length needed for the gutters. Then, a trained technician molds the seamless gutters by using a special machine right there on location to roll out long pieces of metal that are cut to size. Unlike pre-fabricated gutters, seamless gutters always fit perfectly since the exact measurements of the building are taken.

3. Hangers

Seamless gutters are placed on the fascia of a commercial building through the use of hangers. Without hangers, the gutters can come loose and fall off or fail to drain any rainwater at all. There are several different gutter hangers available, so the installation service will survey the property to choose the right option. For example, if the commercial building requires rounded seamless gutters, then brackets are needed to suitably secure the gutters to the fascia. On the other hand, hidden hangers are often utilized on flat seamless gutters due to the superior support of this type of fastener. The hangers should be tailored to the distinct style of the seamless gutters that will be installed on the building for the best results.

Seamless gutters are essential for keeping buildings and the surrounding landscape protected during a rainstorm. Call a commercial seamless guttering service to find out more about how to prepare for an installation on your property.