Kitchen Makeover: French Country Style

Given France's reputation for serving up world-class cuisine, it's not surprising that French Country is a popular choice when it comes to kitchen design. Charming and versatile, French country is always in style. In order to achieve an authentic French-country look in your kitchen, you should plan to include several elements into your design before you begin your kitchen remodeling project.  Flooring and walls Using natural elements is important in French-country design.

How To Make Your Water Heater More Efficient

After heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water heating is the largest use of energy in the average U.S. household. By making small changes to the surroundings, settings, and use of your water heater, massive amounts of energy can be saved, helping the environment and your pocket book. Turn Down the Thermostat On the average water heater, the thermostat sets the temperature of heated water to be maintained during use. For every 10 degrees you reduce on your thermostat, you save 3-5% on your energy bill.

8 Apartment Hunting Tips

The search for the right apartment can take you down many avenues. Between the time that is needed to find an apartment and trying to find one that fits your budget and tastes, you can easily get stressed out. Fortunately, the stress is avoidable. Here are eight tips for finding the right apartment. Create a list of features. Before you take one step in your apartment search, write down the list of features you want.

3 Features You Should Look For In A Durable Slipcover

Slipcovers are an excellent way to extend the life of your furniture from companies like Heary Art & Sons Furniture Inc, either by covering up unsightly stains or protecting them from future stains. They come in a variety of patterns and styles that will be able to match your room perfectly. However, slipcovers that look the best are not particularly cheap. As a result, it is important to make sure that you find a slipcover that is relatively durable and will be able to be used for an extended period of time without needing replacement.

Window Coverings - When Your Household Might Be Outside Of The Realm Of 'Normal Wear And Tear'

If you have a large or boisterous family, your number one quality in home products is most likely durability. Your teenagers, dogs and cats can't always follow the rules to keep their house damage under control. Combating your wild ones with sturdy products is a must, and this shouldn't be overlooked with your window coverings. Understanding the pitfalls that might come with certain choices can help you realize what will work best with your family's needs.