4 Ideas to Transform Your Landscaping with Mobile Structures and Transformer-Like Designs

Landscaping renovations can be a great way to extend your living space into the outdoors. When you are doing renovations, there may be some features that are fixed and that prevent you from making the most of available space. To get more use of your outdoor space and be able to change the look of your landscaping on a whim, mobile features can be a good idea. You may even want solutions that have transformer-like designs, such as benches that have pull-out tables or a grill area that can also be a table when you are not cooking. Here are some mobile and transformer-like features that can help you get the most out of your outdoor space:

1. Mobile Outdoor Privacy Screens for Creating Different Spaces When You Want Them

Outdoor privacy screens can be a practical solution to give outdoor space some seclusion, to reduce noise, or to separate different outdoor spaces. The conventional design of an outdoor privacy screen is one that may be fixed and similar to a wood fence. Adding wheels or tracks can make your privacy screens mobile and allow you to change the spaces in your yard when you need to. When you do a mobile outdoor privacy screen, you may also want to consider something to fasten it to the ground, such as gate latches.

2. Outdoor Storage and Toy Chest for the Kids That Can Also Transform into a Playhouse

Any family with children knows that toys and other materials left in the yard can be a big mess to deal with. Adding chests to your backyard or an outdoor closet can help keep the kids' toys organized. If you want to have storage for outdoor equipment and toys, consider building a closet with chests for storage. You can also make the closet double as a playhouse by creating sliding panels and leaving some open space. You may even want to connect a swing set to the structure. For safety, make sure that all sharp edges and exposed fasteners are protected with rubber caps or some other type of cushioning.

3. Benches That Can Transform into Tables for Seating and Outdoor Meals

Benches in your backyard can also have transforming features. You may want to consider designs for garden benches that can also fold out into a picnic table. For fixed bench seating on a porch, use a folding-table design for the tops of benches so the benches can be removed and folded out into a table.

4. Transform an Outdoor Grill with a Tabletop to Use When You Are Not Cooking Out

Transform your outdoor cooking area by adding a tabletop to your grill surface. When you are not grilling, this space can be used for a table. For the top, you will want to choose a light material that will be easy to remove. For when you are grilling, you may want to add a fold- out leg structure that you can set the tabletop on for more food-preparation space.

Mobile and transformer-like features for your landscaping can give you more space and design options for your backyard. If you need help with some of these features, check it out and contact a landscaping contractor to help you with your backyard design.