Interior Remodel Jobs to Increase Your Home Value

When it time for your house to go on the market, it may seem difficult to attract potential home buyers. Updates such as power washing your siding and replacing broken shingles will go a long way toward getting them in the door. Once inside, though, buyers want to see that you've done two things – kept the house in good repair and made valuable renovations. Seal the deal on your home sale with interior remodel jobs that increase your house's value.

Foundation Repair

If you have cracked walls, bulging floors, or doors that won't close, then these are signs of foundation issues that will turn off potential home buyers. You'll need to address the problem before putting the house on the market.

The two common methods for repairing the foundation are piering and slabjacking. With piering, contractors drill steel pipe pilings into the foundation and either rock or a suitable soil layer. They use jacks to raise the foundation to the desired elevation. If your foundation is sinking because it was installed on poorly compacted fill dirt, contractors can use the slabjacking method. They drill holes through the sunken slab and pump a special mixture of grout to level the foundation. They then repair the slab. Talk to your contractors about which method is best for your home.

Increased Insulation

As Bank Rate points out, potential home buyers aren't going to walk out of a viewing and rave about the insulation. However, buyers want to know they're going to be comfortable in their new house – and that can mean cozy. In fact, increasing the insulation in your house can make it more energy efficient – and that is a big selling point. The traditional form of insulation is bulk, which consists of mats constructed of materials such as glass wool, polyester or cellulose fiber. A relatively new form if insulation is spray polyurethane foam. With this technique, contractors spray a mix of heat-activated polymer into the wall cavities. It expands and hardens in place. Spray foam insulation is ideal for sealing air leakages and spots with tricky architecture.

Updated Countertops

To get the best price on your home, you will want a renovation with wow factor. Buyers pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms to see if you spent money on remodeling. As such, updating the countertops is a remodel job that can make a real return on investment. Granite is the classic countertop material, and it's a feature realtors will highlight. Composite and quartz can work, too, as long as they resemble granite. Choose a neutral coloration because potential buyers want to imagine decorating the kitchen and bathroom in their preferred style.

Repair the foundation, increase the insulation, and upgrade your countertops to make a great impression on potential home buyers.