Kitchen Envy: Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look As Great As The Ones In Your Favorite Magazine

Between home and garden TV shows and magazines, there is no shortage of amazing kitchens to adore. It can be easy to become envious of all the fantastic-looking kitchens when you realize remodeling is not within your budget. Fortunately, you can transform the look of your kitchen and save money simply by changing your kitchen décor.

Change your theme

Swapping themes is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen. Going from country to modern or contemporary to rustic will give your kitchen a fresh look for minimal cost and effort. Go for a retro or eclectic look for something new and adventurous.

For country or rustic themes, look for crocks, vintage tins, wall décor with distressed frames, and simple floral and greenery to decorate your kitchen. For modern themes, look for minimalist décor, such as pictures with metal frames, modern art pieces, and bronze or metal statues. For retro or eclectic styles, choose decorative pieces in pinks and blues, such as small jukebox radios, punched metal pictures, and metal kitchen signs from the past.

Install decorative shelves

Decorative shelves are great for updating the look of your kitchen. Installed on a wall or over a window, shelves can add a pop of color and give your kitchen a refreshing look. Add ropes to the sides of shelves for a rustic or farmhouse theme and leave plain for contemporary or modern styles.

Decorate shelves with doilies for an old-fashioned look. Add decorative pots to window shelves to grow herbs for cooking. Shelves make it easy to display small faux flowers in decorative pots for those without a green thumb.

Create a nook

Turn a corner of your kitchen into a delightful beverage nook. Nooks make any kitchen look cozy and inviting. Use inexpensive kitchen décor to highlight the purpose of your nook.

For instance, hang wooden coffee or tea signs by your nook. Use vintage coffee or tea tins to store your favorite tea bags or coffee blends. You can also decorate the space with chunky mugs for a rustic or country theme or delicate teacups and saucers for a cottage look.

You do not have to allow budget constraints to get in the way of having your dream kitchen. Simply changing a few of the décor items in your kitchen can make a drastic difference in its appearance. Inexpensive décor often looks as great as expensive brands and nobody but you will know the difference.